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Different Situations in Which Printer Settings May Get Passed to Other Clients

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Printer driver settings passed to other users; Print and Hold password passed; Confidential password shared; Transfer of password; Clients picking up another user's password; Driver picking up another user's password; Password sharing through print server; E-mail, Excel workbook settings transfer via User Account Login; MS Office; Retains PIN from original user; Confidential printing;



Identified cases of accidental "Printer Driver Settings" transfer

The following scenarios have been identified:

  1. A transfer of confidential print (PostScript driver) or print and hold (PCL driver) password from client to client in a print server shared-queue environment.


    – A Held Jobs message appears on the printer after jobs are submitted from multiple clients.
    – Print jobs fail to print.
  2. When sending a Microsoft Excel workbook to another user account in an e-mail message, or when attempting to store the file on a network share, the application-set print settings are still in effect for other users.


– If a workbook is printed, it may either print to your mailbox instead of the other user, or print by using certain settings from your local printer (e.g., password or PIN).


Suggested remedies

1. Confidential Print and Print and Hold Issue
  • The security permissions of individual clients will have to be changed to prevent this from happening. 
  • If this functionality is required, but security permissions cannot be altered, individual client print queues will have to be created for those utilizing Confidential Print and Print and Hold features.
  • Any existing Held Jobs will have to be removed manually from the printer via the Remove Held Jobs option found on the printer's control panel Menu > Settings > Print Settings > Utilities Menu.

NOTE: It is not possible to remotely delete a secured print job.

2. Microsoft Excel workbook Issue

In Excel 2003 and Excel 2002, perform the following steps:

Step Action
Change the default printer to a different printer.
In Excel, open the workbook that is experiencing the problem.
From the menu option bar, click on File, and then Print.
In the Print dialog box, click Cancel.
Again, select File and then click Save.



1. Confidential Print and Print and Hold Issue

If a client's login has high-level permissions or administrator rights assigned, driver settings changed by that user can be passed to the print server queue, overwrite the print server queue, and be passed out to other client queues on the network.

NOTE: From an administration perspective, this is considered as normal functionality.

2. Microsoft Excel workbook Issue

If you print and save an MS Excel file, the file retains the selected printer's information (e.g., username or PIN for confidential print). When you send the file to another user using the same driver type, they will be prompted with the previously used setting or security information. This will not happen if the current driver and previously saved driver are not the same.

Click here for a Microsoft™ KnowledgeBase article that further explains this issue and provides additional remedial information.


Still Need Help?

Please contact Microsoft for a full explanation of types of permission and their associated levels of print function access.

If you need additional assistance, please close this window, go to your product's support page and locate  Get In Touch with Lexmark! for contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer or workstation in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a specific task involving either device.


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