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(EC4.1) Firmware Release Notes for the Lexmark X548, C 746(8), C & X792, C & X925, and C & X95(0,2,4) Series Lexmark Printers – August 2017

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EC 3.5; EC4.0


Lexmark Firmware Update (August 2017)


Why upgrade firmware?

Upgrading your printer's firmware can benefit you in more than one way:

  • Improve printer speed and efficiency
  • Enhance printer capabilities with new or updated features
  • Resolve firmware or hardware issues
  • Enhance device compatibility with newly introduced operating systems or software printing applications



Firmware update instructions for users of Scan to Network (SNF) versions

If... Then... And then...
You have SNF version v3.8.4 or older... First update your version of Scan to Network to v4.1.15. You can proceed to update your device to base firmware EC4.1 (.P449).
You have already updated firmware and lost SNF functionality...

You will have to:

  • Downgrade firmware to pre-EC3.2 level (<P305)
  • Deploy SNF v4.1.15 via the Virtual Solutions Center 

Note: Please contact your sales representative or Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance.

The consequence of not following this update procedure results in an unusuable application.

You will also see these symptoms:

  • Failure “An internal error occurred while processing configuration” displays when you attempt to the access the Scan to Network Configuration options.
  • The Scan to Network icon will not be appear on the touch screen.

Settings > Device Solutions > Solutions (eSF)



Firmware availability

  1. Identify your printer model below.
  2. Download the correct firmware download package.
  3. Extract the firmware package (.zip) and double-click the .exe file to begin the firmware update process.
  4. If you need assistance with alternative flash methods, see .FLS Firmware Flash Methods below.
    Model Download Firmware New Code Level Engine Code
     X548 Click here LHS41.VK.P449 LHS40.VK.E401
     C746 Click here LHS41.CM2.P449 LHSC.CM.E251
     C748 Click here LHS41.CM4.P449 LHSC.CM.E251
     X74x Click here LHS41.NY.P449 LHSC.CM.E251
     C792 Click here LHS41.HC.P449 LHSX.HC.E157
     X792 Click here LHS41.MR.P449 LHSX.HC.E157
     C925 Click here LHS41.HV.P449  
     X925 Click here LHS41.HK.P449  
     C950 Click here LHS41.TP.P449  
     X950, X952, X954 Click here LHS40.TQ.P440  
    equipped printers
    Click here LHS40.JR.P440 See Device Information on Menu Settings page

    NOTE: See section below on how to determine your current printer code levels.



Firmware .P449 (EC 4.1) release notes (August '17)


For single function printers: 

Base Firmware EC4.1 for the following Lexmark devices:

Lexmark C746: code version - LHS41.CM2.P449
Lexmark C748: code version - LHS41.CM4.P449
Lexmark C792: code version - LHS41.HC.P449
Lexmark C925: code version - LHS41.HV.P449
Lexmark C95x: code version - LHS41.TP.P449

Changes since last Firmware EC (EC 4.0 to EC 4.1)

- Updated SFP Pre-installed Apps.
- Background and Idle Screen 3.10.3
- Remote Operator Panel version 3.3.1



 For multifunction printers:

Base Firmware EC4.1 for the following Lexmark devices:

Lexmark X548: code version -  LHS41.VK.P449
Lexmark X74x: code version -  LHS41.NY.P449
Lexmark X792: code version -  LHS41.MR.P449
Lexmark X925: code version -  LHS41.HK.P449
Lexmark X95x: code version -  LHS41.TQ.P449
Lexmark 6500e: code version - LHS41.JR.P449

Changes since last Firmware EC (EC 4.0 to EC 4.1)

Functional Enhancements
- Added support for Classify and Route version 1.1

- Updated MFP Pre-installed Apps.
  - Scan to Network version 4.5.14
  - Remote Operator Panel version 3.3.1
  - WS-Scan version 3.3.1
  - USB My MFP version 3.3.1



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Release history

Firmware .P440 (EC 4.0) release notes (July '14) 

Since .P305

All Models: C74x, C792, C925, C950, X548, X74x, X792, X925, X95x*, 6500e**   

*An x denotes any number within a printer model series.
**Any printer equipped with the 6500 scanner option.


  • Increased Address Book & Internal Accounts entries from 250 to 750.
  • Improved Managed Print Services data tracking capabilities.
  • Allow applications to support background processing to free the operator panel for concurrent functionality.
  • OCR support is now native, but requires an eSF license to activate.
  • Added Copy Offset to the Copy screen workflow.
  • Support GZIP Log Link from SE EWS on non-disk models.
  • Added support for the N8350 wireless option.

App updates for Multi-function products:

  • Scan to Network version 4.4.12
  • Forms and Favorites version 4.2.0
  • Remote Operator Panel version 3.3.0
  • WS-Scan version 3.3.0
  • USB My MFP version 3.3.0


App updates for single function products

  • Background and Idle Screen 3.8.1
  • Forms and Favorites version 3.2.0
  • Remote Operator Panel version 3.3.0
  • Eco-Setting 3.0.11
  • Showroom 2.5.1

Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Several Fax issues, both analog and fax over IP (FoIP)
  • Addressed several shortcut issues, including the ability to select multiples
  • Fixed several tray linking issues
  • Addressed several issues related to exiting "sleep" mode
  • Fixed several issues where supplies were not reporting the correct Maximum Capacity
  • Fixed a couple issues with NPA/SNMP causing a hang, if commands were sent at certain times
  • Added UCF keys to the variables located on the Supplies Notification web page
  • Improved some translations, especially for the DBCS languages
  • Applied security patches to bring these devices up to the latest level including Openssl CVE-2014-0224 SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability; Note: these products did not have the TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160) issue.
  • Improved the VLML support
  • Fixed several timing issues that could result in a hang or 900 Software Service Error
  • Added ADF page counts to the event log for Scanner Jam events
  • Improved the devices ability to cancel jobs
  • Fixed several Postscript issues, some of which may lead to 900.43 Service errors
  • Fixed several PDF errors, some may lead to error messages or garbage output
  • Fixed some PCL/XL/GL issues, including the ability to suppress blank pages in XL
  • Made several improvements to the Job Accounting Log
  • Default sleep time-out lowered to 20 minutes, if it was higher than that previously
  • Made some changes to the Setup Wizard
  • Made several framework improvements
  • Improved memory usage, especially in low memory conditions
  • Changed default Hibernate setting from "Disabled" to "3 days" to match other Lexmark devices: (Note that "Hibernate on Connection" default setting is still "Do Not Hibernate.")

Firmware release notes relating to engine code:

X548 – LHS40.VK.E401 (from LHSX.VK.E141H)

  • Improved supplies communication when exiting sleep mode
  • Improved security of engine communication
  • Eliminated a hang on the Main Menu after pressing # button coming out from overnight sleep


C792/X792 LHSX.HC.E157 (from LHSX.HC.E155)

  • Eliminated a 900.00 FW Error crash after resolving paper jam and pressing continue button
  • Improved debug for 913.44
  • Return the Part Number of supplies when available


C74x/X748 – LHSC.CM.E250 (from LHSC.CM.E248)

  • Improved Job Accounting when the front page is black
  • Fixed a hang that could occasional happen when trying to cancel a job



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Firmware .P305 (EC 3.2) release notes (January '14)

Since .P278 and .P303

All Models: C746/C748 C792 C925 C950 X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x* 6500e**

    • Added support for new 4.3" (109.22mm) display hardware
    • Added support for Lexmark Secure Content Monitor application
    • Improved energy savings and compliance with new regulations
    • Added Timed-Hibernate feature to all devices
    • Added PDF compression (MRC compression for advanced E-mail app and Solutions Apps only)
    • Walk-up ability to capture device debug logs and to export logs.tar.gz to thumbdrive from front panel
    • Added support for TIFF JPEG compression
    • Added EWS interface for RGB Replacement
    • Added JFIF header support for JPEG

    Updated the standard solutions:

    • Scan to Network version 3.8.4
    • Forms and Favorites version 4.0.6
    • Remote Operator Panel version 3.2.0
    • WS-Scan version 3.2.0
    • USB My MFP version 3.2.0 
    Fixes and various items addressed
    • Fixed another issue when FRU RIP cards are installed and the code is at different levels
    • Several translation and text issues were addressed in several different languages.
    • Addressed several issues with VLML
    • Moved various security menus items under a single menu on the front panel as well as EWS
    • Improved support for several card readers
    • Fixed several certificate issues
    • Improved disk wiping feature
    • Addressed several security vulnerabilities
    • Addressed several authentication issues
    • Fixed numerous causes of 900.30 errors
    • Fixed several "Home" screen issues
    • Improved support for large media (12 x18 and SRA3)
    • Fixed several causes of 900.80 errors
    • Fixed numerous other scanner related issues
    • Fixed numerous crashes caused by corrupt data
    • Fixed several causes of 900.43 errors
    • Fixed several causes of 976 errors
    • Fixed several Fax service errors and hangs
    • Fixed some print quality and scan quality issues
    • Made some performance improvements
    • Improved Windows 8 support
    • Made some improvements to tray linking
    • Made some Job Accounting Log ( JAL ) improvements
    • Fixed reporting on certain models that showed incorrect supply capacities on fusers and transfer belts
    • Fixed an issue with page counts getting corrupted after a replacement RIP card is installed and booted into diagnostics menu
    • Fixed audio issues with new 4.3" (109.22mm) displays
    • Added support for additional OEMs
    Fixed numerous 2.4" (60.96mm) panel issues (C746/ C748 Only)

NOTE: *An x denotes any number within a printer model series. 

** Printers equipped with the 6500e scanner option

EC 2.3 (.P278) release notes (March '13) 

Functional Enhancements

Enhancement C746/C748 C792 C925 C950 X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x*


AirPrint performance improvements
Added Object based toner density setting
  • Select the amount of toner savings based on the type of object
  • Types of objects: text, image, photo
Added RGB Replacement
  • Works with Power Point documents
  • Similar to Spot color replacement
Auto mono scan detect
  • Sensing mono scans and prints them as mono instead of color
  • Can adjust the sensing threshold
        Multifunction models only. 
Fax over IP is now supported when the App license is downloaded        
Include the default Custom Message in supply email alerts        
Added address support for Internal Accounts        

NOTE: * An x denotes any number within a printer model series. 

** Printers equipped with the 6500e scanner option

Fixes and Field Issues

Fix or Field Issue C746/C748 C792 C925 C95x X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x* 6500e**


  • Fixed various 900.00 errors
  • Fixed a cause of 900.56 errors
  • Fixed various 976 errors
  • Fixed a cause of 982.01 errors
  • Fixed some causes of 976 Errors
  • Fixed crashes when sending JBIG2 over spotty network
  • Fixed issue recognizing the Omnikey 5127ck card reader
  • Fixed several authentication issues
  • Fixed issue trying to get DeviceInfo via web
  • Fixed XPS "Confidential Print" issue
  • Fixed UCF webpage UCF functionality on wireless cards


All Models
 Multifunction C746/C748 C792 C925 C95x X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x 6500e*
Fixed 900.10 error when mismatched size when copying from ADF-A4-Long Edge        
Fixed various 900.80 errors        
Fixed a cause of 902 errors        
Fixed fax issue with blue screens when it is time to send a delayed fax        
Fixed fax hang during a power cycle sequence by resetting the modem        
Fixed black copies issue with originals placed on flatbed        
Fixed User Interface with Finnish language        
Scan to Network v3.2.21 improvements        
Fixed issue in Scan to email - recipient list not clearing after email is sent        
Improved messaging for Toner Low conditions and fixed toner yield meter/yield issue                
Fixed scanner jam issue that messes up job queue                  
Fixed Rewards Program issue                  
Fixed black line observed on Mono copy from Letter to copy to 12 x18 and SRA3 paper sizes                  
Fixed 5 second pause during mono COPY between page 1 and 2                  
Fixed issue leading to 'waste toner box full' message after the near full state is reached                  
Singlefunction C746/C748 C792 C925 C95x X548 X746/X748 X792 X925 X95x 6500e*

Fixed LED issues

Fixed 'Busy' hang during a situation where 'Remove Packaging' is displayed (C746)                  
Delayed waste toner box full message after the near full state is reached
Windows 8 issue addressed              

NOTE: *An x denotes any number within a printer model series. 

** Printers equipped with the 6500e scanner option



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.FLS firmware flash methods

Firmware Flash Methods (.fls file extensions) Information Recommended Use
Embedded Web Server (EWS Open your internet browser and enter the IP address of the printer. Select Settings > Update Firmware. You have network access to the printer's embedded Web server
USB utility Click here for example. Seldom used, but a good alternative flash method for USB-attached printers
USB thumb drive Click here for example. A standalone printer  without computer access
FTP Click here for detailed steps. No HTTP (EWS) access and no access to a Microsoft Windows-based computer
MarkVision Professional or the latest MarkVision Enterprise Visit MarkVision website to download the latest User's Guide and perform a search on Print Server updates or Generic File downloads. Large printer fleets
Printer File Loader
Click here for detailed steps. Macintosh users



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How to check your current printer firmware levels

Obtain the Menu Settings page or access the printer's embedded web server (EWS) for this purpose.  

Option 1: Via the printer's Control Panel > Menu Settings Page

Step Action
1 Press the Menu button on the Control Panel.
2 Select or touch Reports.
3 Select or touch Menu Settings Page to start printing.

Look for the code level under “Device Information” and next to Base and Engine.

Option 2: Via the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Step Action
1 Launch your Internet browser application.
2 After http://, enter the printer's IP address.

Click on Reports.

4 Click on Device Information and locate the values next to Base and Engine.



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Still need help?

If you need additional assistance, please go to the Lexmark support site, type your printer model and locate Get in Touch with Lexmark! for contact information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the following:

  • Name and version of the solution
  • Affected printer model/s
  • Printer serial number

Please be near the product/s described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks.



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