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How to Configure Non-IPDS Printing Using WSCST and HPT

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Unable to print from AS/400; Cannot print; AS400; Create non-IPDS DEVD; Via HPT; With or without IPDS DLE option card installed; Set up printing with non-IPDS job; Set-up; Direct AS/400 printing; Workstation Customizing Object (WSCST);



This article outlines the steps to print non-IPDS jobs using Workstation Customizing Object (WSCST) and Host Print Transform (HPT).


Steps to configure

1.  Retrieve WSCST
2.  Edit Source Member
3.  Compile
4.  Create DEVD for Non-IPDS Printing
5.  Add in WSCST
6.  Add WSCST to a Remote OUTQ
7.  Printing Non-IPDS job


Step 1: Retrieve WSCST

Step Action
Type RTVWSCST from a command line, and then press Enter.
b In the Retrieve WSCST source (RTVWSCST) window, fill out the following fields:
  • Device Type: *TRANSFORM [press F10 for more keys]
  • Manufacturer type and model: *LEXMARKT634 [or press F4 to display more options and choose printer model]
  • Source Member: LXKT650 [or you can have any name]
  • Source File: QTXTSRC [or use other existing source file]
  • Library: QGPL
  • Text Description: [optional]
c Press Enter.

Note: *Manufacture type and model = MFRTYPMDL
*Source member = SRCMBR
*Source file = SRCFILE

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Step 2: Edit Source Member

Step Action
Type WRKMBRPDM from a command line, and then press Enter.
Type 3 in command line for Work with members.

In the Specify Members to Work With window, fill out the following fields:

  • File: QTXTSRC
  • Library: QGPL

Press Enter.

Note: If the WSCST has been successfully retrieved in the previous step, you should see the WSCST listed.


If... Then...
You want to make changes in the WSCST attributes...

Type 2 beside LXKT650 [or the source member name created earlier], press Enter, and then follow the steps below.

In SEU command line, type:

F OUTBINTBLE [or any printer configuration you would like to find and change]

Note: Once you find the parameter you are looking for (e.g., OUTBINTBLE), you can now apply changes. Press Enter to save, and then F3 to exit.

In the Exit menu, check the following values:

  • Change/create member: Y [YES to changes]
  • Member: LXKT650
  • File: QTXTSRC
  • Library: QGPL

Press Enter and F3 to exit.

There are no changes required...
Press F3 to exit and proceed to Step 3.

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Step 3: Compile

Compiling is done to update whatever changes were made on the WSCST.

Step Action
Type CRTWSCST from a command line, and then press Enter.
b In the Create WCST (CRTWSCST) window, fill out the following fields:
  • Workstation customizing object: LXKT650HPT [or you can have any name]
  • Library: QGPL
  • Source Member: LXKT650 [name of the source member created earlier]
  • Text Description: [optional]

Press F10 for additional parameters.

  • Source file: QTXTSRC
  • Library: QGPL
  • Authority: *LIBCRTAUT
  • Replace object: *YES

Press Enter.

Note: *Workstation customizing object = WSCST
*Source member = SRCMBR
*Source File = SRCFILE

IMPORTANT! Compile everytime there are changes in WSCST.

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Step 4: Create DEVD for Non-IPDS Printing

In the command line, type the following:


Or just type:

CRTDEVPRT [press Enter]

Then fill out the following fields:

Device description: T650HPT [or you can have any name]
Device class: *LAN
Device type: 3812
Device Model: 1
LAN attachment: *IP
Port number: 9100
Online at IPL: *YES
Identifier: 11
Point size: *NONE
Form feed: *AUTOCUT
Separator drawer: *FILE
Separator program: *NONE

[press Enter]

Activation timer: 170
Inactivity Timer: *SEC15
Host print transform: *YES

[press Enter]

Manufacturer type and model: *LEXMARKT634
Paper source 1: *MFRTYPMDL
Paper source 2: *MFRTYPMDL
Envelope source: *MFRTYPMDL
ASCII code page 899 support: *NO
Image configuration: *NONE
Character Identifier:
Graphic character set: *SYSVAL
Code page
Remote location Name or address: [the IP add of the printer, variable]
System driver program: *IBMPJLDRV
Worksation customizing object: LXKT650
Library: QGPL

Note: Press Enter for WSCST field to show up.

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Step 5: Add in WSCST

Add the WSCST to the printer config by changing DEVD. In the command line, type the following:


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Step 6: Add WSCST to a Remote OUTQ

In the command line, type the following:


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Step 7: Printing Non-IPDS job


  • Make sure OUTQ contains a spool file that is non-IPDS and you are ready to print the spool file from OUTQ.
  • Everytime changes are done in WSCST, repeat steps 2, 3, 5, and 6. The steps are needed in order for the change in WSCST to be updated in printer device.


Additional Information

The steps above enable printing of basic non-IPDS jobs only. Should you need further support on printing non-IPDS jobs, please contact IBM* service team.

*International Business Machines

NOTE: Click here to view .pdf version of this procedure.


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