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Cannot Print or Scan from the All-In-One Center Due to Firewall Applications Blocking Lexmark Processes

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Cannot acquire scan names; Cannot scan; Not able; Print; Unable; Firewall prevents functionality; AIO Center; Norton System Works; PC-Cillin; McAfee Personal Firewall Plus; ZoneAlarm Pro; BlackICE PC Protection; Comodo Personal Firewall Pro; Kaspersky Anti-Hacker; Norton Personal Firewall; F-Secure Internet Security; Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security; Check Point's FireWall-1; AXENT's Raptor Firewall; CyberGuard Firewall; Cisco PIX; PRISMA FIREWALL; Panda Internet Security Suite; AOL Safety and Security Center; Printer Communication Error


Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows 7; Microsoft Windows 8; Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Microsoft Windows Server 2008;


What you will see
  • If you are unable to print or scan from the All-In-One Center, or
  • You are able to scan using Microsoft's scanner and camera wizard or MS Paint application, or 
  • Print jobs are seen stacking up in your print queue and showing a "Printing" status, or 
  • Communication Not available message with printer and computer...

...Should any of the above statements apply, then your Internet firewall application may be blocking critical printer communication processes that allow the printer to communicate with the printer software.



Recommended Tests or Remedies
  1. Cancel or delete any existing print jobs from the print queue.
  2. Next:
If using the Firewall provided by... Then... And then...
Microsoft Temporarily disable it and try printing again. Click here for a Microsoft article (Windows 8.1) that describes both this procedure. If the printer now prints, you will likely have to create exceptions for your printer's software processes. Click here for an example of this procedure.
Other manufacturers Temporarily disable it and try printing or scanning again. See your firewall application User's Guide. Set firewall all rules/permissions to grant Lexmark-application processes the ability to communicate through the firewall.

NOTE: Security threats are possible when you disable the firewall. You can take some precaution by disconnecting your computer from the wide area network and still retain local network connectivity with the printer.   



IMPORTANT! The location for granting permissions or setting exceptions will vary by the brand of Firewall or Security application. You have to know which processes may be blocked to carry out this procedure. 

Norton Firewall

Step Action Click Image to Enlarge
Right-click on the Norton AntiVirus Software icon in the notification area (systray) and select Open.
No Image
2 Select Personal Firewall and click Configure.
3 Select Programs.
4 Under Manual Program Control, look for Printer Communications System or anything starting with LXCT.
5 Select Modify, change the setting from Block All to Permit Always, and click OK.


McAfee Personal Firewall 
Step Action Click Image to Enlarge
Double-click on the MacAfee Security Center icon in the notification area (systray).
No Image
2 Select Personal Firewall Plus.
3 Select View the Internet Applications List.

Under Application Name, look for the following:
Printer Communication System
Install GUI
Printer Status
Window Interface
Device Monitor

Under File Name, look for the following:

or anything that starts with lxct.

5 Change the Permissions from Blocked to Allow Full Access.


Zone Alarm Pro

Step Action Click Image to Enlarge
Open ZoneAlarm Pro.
No Image
2 Select Program Control.
3 Look for Printer Communication System or anything that starts with LXC.
4 Change the program permissions to Trusted by clicking the X and the ?checkmark symbols.



AOL Safety and Security Center



Click Image to Enlarge


Click on the AOL security center icon in the notification area (the area on your screen where the system clock is displayed).

No Image


Click the down arrow on the Firewall tab to display the items underneath.


Select Program Permissions to view the list of programs.


Choose Allow for the blocked Lexmark programs – aioc, pswx, jswx, printer communications, etc., (see the list of files under 'McAfee Personal Firewall' above).



Related Articles

If you are unable to isolate which specific firewall or application is blocking communication, it is recommended that you contact your operating system vendor or firewall software manufacturer for additional assistance. Please refer to the two articles below if asked what processes or affiliated TCP/IP ports are utilized by Lexmark products: 

NOTE: Some users will have more than one firewall application. Also, operating systems have their own built-in firewall security which may be inhibiting communication with the printer.   


Additional Information

For a good resource for different firewall information, click here. IMPORTANT! The information in the link is the property of PortForward. Lexmark takes no responsibility for its contents.


Still Need Help? 

If you have verified and contacted all available firewall manufacturers to no avail, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of the devices.


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