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Scan to Network Video: How to Enable and Select Compressed PDFs on the Lexmark MX, XM, CX, XC Series MFPs

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Mrc compression; Reduce file size; SMTP server file size limitations



The video below demonstrates: 

  1. How to enable PDF Compression from the list of Format setting options via Embedded Web Server.  

Path: Settings > Apps > Apps Management  > SNF 4.1.20 > Scan Destination (Edit) > Scan Settings > FormatPDF Compression (PDF)

  1. How to select and confirm settings for the configured destination from the device's control panel (touchscreen).

Path: Scan to Network Icon > Select destination (Profile Name) > Verify the summary statement indicating 'Compressed' > Send as "PDF" (checkmarked) > Secure or Compressed (checkmark)  > Send It.

  1. How to select or deselect compression with individual Destinations (Profiles) when initiating the scan-job from the device.


Please note that you will need QuickTime to view the video. You can download QuickTime here.

The file is approximately 2.2MB; please allow time for the movie to load.   



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