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Network Scan-to-PC: Equivalent Scan Resolution (DPI) Values with Laser Multifunction Printers or All-In-Ones

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What you will see

When you create a Scan-to-PC profile or shortcut, the Resolution slide-bar control does not display the actual resolution in dots per inch (dpi). Click here for an illustration.
NOTE: As of 2009, all Lexmark MFPs will show the dpi value. 


Dots per inch values

The approximate Scan-to-PC resolutions from lowest to highest are as follows:
  • 75 dpi
  • 150 dpi
  • 200 dpi
  • 300 dpi
  • 400 dpi
  • 600 dpi

NOTE: Actual output resolution differs by scanner machine or model type. For example, machine types 4036-304, 4036-305, and 4036-306 are 300 dpi optical scanners; however, these scanners will use interpolation in Text BW mode* to achieve 600 dpi.
*Black and white mode


Additional Explanation

Scan resolution considerations are influenced by the following:
  • The actual optical resolution of the scanner.
  • File size restrictions in certain environments, e.g., scan-to-Email, FTP, or PC.
  • File size versus performance.
  • File size versus color, content type, and scan depth, e.g. Color-Photo-24bit. 

X4500 (4036-304) MFP example: Setting versus actual output resolution  
Content Type Copy Scan to Email (75,150,200,300,400,600) Scan to FTP (75,150,200,300,400,600) Scan to PC (75,150,200,300,400,600)
Text BW (Black and White) 600 200,200,200,300,400,600 200,200,200,300,400,600 200,200,200,300,400,600
Photo Gray 600 75,150,150,300,400,400 75,150,150,300,400,400 75,150,150,300,400,400
Color 600 75,150,150,300,300,300 75,150,150,300,300,300 75,150,150,300,300,300


Contacting Lexmark

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical SupportNOTE: When calling for support you will need your printer machine/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician requires you to perform a task on one of these devices.


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