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What's New with Scan to Network Premium 3.7.x?

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The new Page Break feature found in Scan to Network Folder (SNF) Premium (version 3.7.x or greater) provides the ability to break documents into multiple files at the destination folder level. 


How does this work?

The break (new filename) generated at the destination folder level is triggered by a user-configured page break number or recognized Bar Code* template. 

This illustration depicts a 12 page scan-job with four selected for the Number of pages between jobs.

The Bar Code Discovery application is required to create the template. After the template is available in in the SNF app,  it can then be selected as a page break mechanism.  



Steps to Enable 'Page Break'

Open the app's EWS** destination configuration settings to activate this feature.

** Embedded Web Server

  1. Open the MFP's Embedded Web Server and navigate to the Settings > Apps.  

  1. Select Apps Management


  1.  Select Scan to Network



  1. Highlight the destination profile and then click Edit


  1. Click Configure, then check Enable Page Break


And then,  

 If...  Then...
 Breaking pages by number (intervals) of pages... Enter a value for Number of pages between jobs. This  specifies the page # at which one file stops and another file (name) begins.
 Bar code* page breaks are needed...
  1. Under Bar code, check Enable bar codes on first page.
  2. Under Page Break, check Barcode.


Select Include Barcode page if you want to include the bar code page template.

* Bar Code Discovery needs to be installed and a bar code template needs to be created to activate this functionality. See Barcode Administrator's Guide for more information.


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