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Firmware Technical Service Bulletin – Fax Setting Enhancements for MX (XM) and CX (XC) Multi-Function Devices (December – January 2014)

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01/22/14 Properties  


Technical Service Bulletin


What's new?

The following new fax features include early detection of phone line connection issues, fax performance optimization under certain conditions, and preliminary fax troubleshooting settings to assist the end-user.  


What's needed?

Firmware level LW30.XX.P328/.P329 or later.


Affected products 

  • MX310
  • MX410
  • MX510
  • MX511
  • MX610
  • MX611
  • XM1145, XM3150
  • MX710 
  • MX711
  • MX810
  • MX811
  • MX812
  • XM5163, XM5170, XM7155(x), XM7163(x), XM7170(x) 
  • CX310
  • CX410
  • CX510dne
  • XC2132

 M – Mono; C – Color; X – Multifunction; d – duplex; n – network; e – eTask interface (4", 7", 10")


New fax features provided by firmware update

Feature Details
Restore Factory Defaults Restores all User Fax settings back to their original factory defaults.
Optimize Fax Compatibility

This operation configures the device for optimal compatibility with other fax devices. The settings that are changed:

  • Disables line features:
    • Enable Line connected detection
    • Enable Line in wrong jack detection
    • Enable Extension in Use support and Enable Caller ID.
  • Activates the Enable behind a PABX setting
  • Sets maximum Send and Receive speeds to 9600
  • Sets Rings to answer to 1
Fax ID

The Fax number is now the default FAX ID.

Why? Some existing fax servers were still using the older standard of allowing only valid characters of 0-9, + , and spaces.

Four new line monitoring features...

Under Settings > Fax General Settings 

Select this setting... To...
  1. Enable Line connected detection

Determine a phone line is connected to device. Detection takes place upon device power up and before each call.

  1. Enable Line in wrong jack detection

Determine whether the phone line is connected to the proper port. Detection takes place upon device power up and when a line is first plugged into any phone jack on the device. 

  1. Enable Extension in use support

Determine if the line is already in use by another device such as another phone on the same line.

This setting is continuously monitored after the device is powered on.

Note: When another device is in use, you will not have the ability to send or receive faxes.

Under Settings > Fax Receive Setting

  1. Select Enable Caller ID to display Caller ID information. This feature requires phone line support for Caller ID.



Firmware Release Notes

Click here for additional firmware enhancements, fix information, and firmware update procedures.


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