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Technical Service Bulletin - .P141 Firmware Availability for the X548 (August 2011)

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Added support for Widgets; Workflows; Function access controls; eSF apps can now be protected by application-specific FACs; Fax cover page; Display support and keyboard entry for DBCS languages; Chinese; Korean; Japanese; Sleep mode; Improved speed; Improved User Interface responsiveness; Volume can now be adjusted by pressing backspace; HD Encryption; Initial Setup; Automatic Wiping; Beacons screens; Numpad; Wireless ISP option card; User Quota eSF application; Smart cards / PCKS11; "Clean" device NVRAM for device disposal; ADF De-skew function; Translations; Languages; Number of hangs; Improved job accounting; Improved USB Direct access; Improved USB device support; Paper support; 31.06; MyMFP; Support for ISP cards; Improved jam error; Improved Address Book; Hole Punching


Overview (August 2011)

New firmware is available for the X548 Color MFP.

Click here for the latest release notes that can help you determine whether the printer requires this update.


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