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ADF Feed Issues on the S and Pro Series Products

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Paper Jam


ADF; ADF feed; Auto Document Feeder; ADF Latch


What you will see


Paper is not able to feed through the Autodocument Feeder (ADF).  This article describes where the ADF Latch can be found and how to troubleshoot Auto Document Feeder issues.

  • Recommended actions
  • Paper stage position


Affected Products:

  • S405, Pro205, Pro 705
  • Pro805, Pro905, Pro 908

Recommended actions


Follow these steps to determine if an ADF feed problem is caused by improper paper loading, poor paper condition, or a possible ADF mechanical failure.

* N.A. - Illustration not available.

Autodocument feeder - ADF

 Step Action Illustration

Make sure 'Button Beep' is turned on. 

To do this:

  1. Press Setup button
  2. Select 'Device Setup'
  3. Select 'Button Beep' and make sure it is turned 'ON' (S405/Pro205/Pro705). NOTE: Not available on the Pro 805,905,908
 N.A. *
  2 Adjust paper guide on ADF input tray to the proper size for the paper being used.
Press the copy icon to put printer in copy mode.

Insert five sheets of new, unused paper slowly into the ADF. 

Stop pushing when paper detection is established.

Printer paper detection alerts, to include:

  • Three beeps (S405/Pro205/Pro705)
  • Document Loaded message on the LCD (Pro805/Pro905)

IMPORTANT! A failure to stop pushing on the paper after these detection alerts are triggered will result in ADF misfeeds.



Push the start button.



Does the ADF successfully pull multiple "new" sheets of paper?

  • If yes, the problem may relate to the condition of your originals.
  • If no, you should perform the remaining steps with one sheet of paper.



Are the pages properly loading?

Open the ADF cover to identify anything abnormal about the way the paper is loading or being pulled into the ADF

  • On the L-Path printers (Pro 200 & S400 Series), press the button on the side of the machine to open the cover
  • On other models  the ADF cover may not open and you will just have to observe any unusual feed patterns.
  • With a C-Path printer (Pro700 & 800 & 900 Series), you can simply lift up the cover. See right-hand image.

Note: The paper paths (C vs. L) reference the printer's print-feed path and not have any relation to the ADF's scan-feed path. This differentiation is intended to help you identify your ADF type. 







If possible, place the roller down onto the page and then close the cover. This may help with the picking of the page.
Can the ADF successfully pull one sheet of paper? 


  • If yes, one sheet of paper feeds fine. The following explanations exist:
    • The paper stack was pushed too far into the ADF
    • You exceeded ADF's capacity specifications
    • Paper condition may be an issue. 
    • Other mechanical explanations may be possible.
  • If no, one sheet of paper will not feed properly.
    • Paper condition could still be an issue, so consider the Flatbed for further scan functions
    • A mechanical failure or obstruction with the ADF exists. Contact Lexmark Technical Support.



Proper paper placement in ADF

The below table demonstrates the proper and improper paper placement for different paper sizes in the Auto Document Feeder. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


Printer Model Paper Position Letter (8.5” x 11”) Paper Positions (A4)

S405 & Pro 205


Paper inserted correctly in ADF (Note that the paper is even with the edge of the cutout in the tray).

Paper inserted correctly in ADF (Note that the paper is even with the rear edge of the tray).

S405 & Pro 205


Paper over inserted in ADF (Note paper is not even with the edge of the cutout in the tray).

Paper over inserted in ADF (Note paper is not even with the rear edge of the tray).

Pro705, Pro805 & Pro905

Paper inserted correctly in ADF (Note paper covers some of the cutout in the tray, but not all of it).

Paper inserted correctly in ADF (Note paper covers most of the cutout in tray, but not all of it).

Pro705, Pro805 & Pro905

Paper over inserted in ADF (Note paper is slightly past the edge of the cutout in the tray).

Paper over inserted in ADF (Note paper is almost to the edge of the cutout in the tray)

Still Need Help?

If you require additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the machine/model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.
Please call from near the computer and printer, in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task on the device.



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