Microsoft Vista: Laser Printer Driver and Software Support Statement

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Lexmark Microsoft Vista support

Lexmark has released certified Vista drivers for use with the Microsoft Vista operating system.  In addition, Lexmark will be releasing Microsoft-certified Vista printer drivers throughout the 2007 calendar year.
End users should consider the following solutions:   

  • Printer drivers that come bundled with the Windows Vista operating system, also known as Vista Certified-System printer drivers.  See 'Included Vista drivers' below.

  • See also 'Windows Vista printer drivers now available'

  • If you require an immediate printer driver solution and cannot find a specific printer in either list, see 'Which drivers do I use?' below.  

NOTE:  Newly released Windows Vista certified system drivers will be distributed via the Web. Depending on the printer model, these drivers may also be implemented into future CD driver packages.  See 'Which Drivers Do I Use?' below.  

Available Windows Vista printer drivers  

Web-downloadable Windows Vista certified printer drivers are available for the following printers:
  • C53x Series Color Laser:  Certified-Vista PostScript and PCL driver.
  • C54x (NEW) Series Color Laser: HBP, PCL, PS and XPS drivers.  
  • E250 Monochrome Laser:  Certified-Vista HBP (host-based protocol) and PCL XL driver. 
  • E35x & E450dn Monochrome Laser Printers:  Certified-Vista HBP (host-based protocol), PCL and PostScript driver.
  • E260, E360, E460 (NEW) Monochrome Laser Printers:  Certified-Vista HBP, PCL, PS and XPS driver.  
  • C77x Series Color Laser Printers:  Certified-Vista PostScript and PCL driver.
  • C78x Series Color Laser Printers:
  • C935 Color Laser Printer:
  • E120 and E120n monochrome laser printers:
  • T64x Series Monochrome Laser Printers:
  • T65x Series (NEW)HBP, PCL, PS and XPS drivers
  • W840 Wide Format Monchrome Laser:
  • C500n  Color Laser Printer:
  • X500n Color AIO (All-In-One):
  • X502n Color AIO (All-In-One):
  • X64xe Series Multifunction Devices: 
  • X65xe Series (NEW) Multifunction Devices: HBP, PCL, PS and XPS drivers
  • X85xe Series Multifunction Devices:
  • X94xe Series Multifunction Devices:

 NOTE: Please check the OS Compatibility Chart on  for additional driver announcements. This chart can be found under Drivers & Downloads.
A Universal Printer Driver is also available for Windows Vista. Click here for more information.  

Included Vista drivers

The (in-box) printer drivers listed below will be included with Microsoft Vista.   NOTE: These drivers are considered Microsoft tested and certified.     
Optra R Series

  • Lexmark Optra R Plus (PCL & PS driver)

Optra S Series

  • Lexmark Optra S1250 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark Optra S1255 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark Optra S1650 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark Optra Se3455 (PCL & PS)

Optra T Series
  • Lexmark Optra T610 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark Optra T612 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark Optra T614 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark Optra T616 (PCL & PS)

Optra C Series

  • Lexmark Optra C710 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark Optra Color 45 business inkjet (PS)

Optra E Series
  • Lexmark Optra E (PCL)
  • Lexmark Optra E+ (PCL)
  • Lexmark Optra Ep (PCL & PS) 
  • Lexmark Optra E312 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark Optra E312L (PCL)

Optra M Series

  • Lexmark Optra M410 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark Optra M412 (PCL & PS)

Optra N Series

  • Lexmark Optra N (PCL)

Optra W Series

  • Lexmark Optra W810 (PCL & PS)

Optra K Series
  • Lexmark Optra K1220 (PS)

T Series

  • Lexmark T520 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T522 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T620 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T622 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T520 SBE (PCL)

  • Lexmark T430 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T420 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T630 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T632 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark T634 (PCL & PS)

E Series
  • Lexmark E120n (PCL)
  • Lexmark E220 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E230 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E232 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E234 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E234n (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E238 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E240 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E240n (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E320 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E321 (PCL)
  • Lexmark E322 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E323 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E330 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E332n (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E340 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E342n (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark E250 (HBP & PCL web-downloadable only)
  • Lexmark E35X (HBP, PCL & PS web-downloadable only)

C Series

  • Lexmark C750 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C752 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C760 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C762 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C770 (PCL & PS web-downloadable only)
  • Lexmark C772 (PCL & PS web-downloadable only)

  • Lexmark C910 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark C912 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C920 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C720 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C510 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C520 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C522 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark C524 (PCL & PS)

  • Lexmark C53X (PCL & PS web-downloadable only)

W Series

  • Lexmark W820 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark W812 (PCL & PS)

X Series
  • Lexmark X422 (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark x830e (PCL & PS)
  • Lexmark x832e (PCL & PS)
  • X520, see T520
  • X522, see T522
  • X630, see T630
  • X632, see T632
  • X632e, see T632
  • X632s, see T632
  • X634e, see T634
  • X646ef, see T644
  • X720, see C720
  • X750e, see C750
  • X752e, see C752
  • X672e, see C762
  • X772e, see C772
  • X820e, see W820
  • X912e, see C912   

Dot Matrix
  • Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus
  • Lexmark Forms Printer 2480
  • Lexmark Forms Printer 2481
  • Lexmark Forms Printer 2490
  • Lexmark Forms Printer 2491

PCL = PCL driver
PS = PostScript driver    

Which drivers do I use?  

If your printer model is not present in either the  'Included Vista drivers' or the ' Available now ' list, we recommend using a Web-downloadable Windows XP certified-system driver.*  This is available for the X340n and X342n printer models.
* Before initiating the actual download of the driver, look for the word certified or system driver in the driver description or under 'File Information'. 
NOTE:  With the exception of some of the latest printer models, drivers found on any supplied installation CD are custom drivers and not supported by Windows Vista.   
MFP:  Local (USB) scanning software, utilizing a TWAIN driver, will require the scanning software component found on the original software CD.  In this case two separate pieces of software will have to be installed to provide both printing capability (XP system driver from the Web) and scanning capability (scan driver from the CD via USB Plug & Play). 
NOTE: Our recommendation to use XP-certified system drivers is a temporary solution for customers requesting Vista printer drivers.  Please click here for Mircosoft's Printer Driver Compatibility Statement

How do I install?

Still have questions? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information.  NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model type and serial number. 
Please call from near the printer and workstation in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.