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29.40, 29.41, 29.42, 29.43, or 29.49 Error Code / Unable to Fully Close the Front Door on the Lexmark CS/CX33x & MC/C3xxx Products

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Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS331, CS431, C3224, C3326

Multifunction: CX331, CX431, MC3224, MC3326, MC3426, MC3224i, MC3326i, MC3426i and XC2326


Issue Description:

The Printer is displaying or showing one of the following symptoms:

  • Error Code 29.40, 29.41, 29.42, 29.43, or 29.49 - even if the packaging material for the toner cartridges has been removed.
  • There is some difficulty when closing the Front Cover of the printer. 



  1. Power the printer Off.
  2. Open the front door and pull out the print cartridge tray.
  3. Remove each of the toner cartridges and check for any packaging material that may be left in the printer.
    Note: Please refer to KB article FA1293 for the removal of packaging materials in the printer.
  4. Place each of the toner cartridges back and close the front door.
    Note: If there is difficulty closing the front door, please refer to the Still Need Help? section of this document.
  5. Power the printer On and check if the issue persists.


Still Need Help?

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