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Lexmark CS/CX92x, C/XC92xx: Troubleshooting 170.73, 166.73, 167.73 and 168.73 Error Codes

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Affected Products:

Single-Function: C9235, CS921, CS923, CS927

Multifunction: CX920, CX921, CX922, CX923, CX924, XC9235, XC9245, XC9255, XC9265


Issue Description:

The printer posts any of the following error 1xx.73 codes, where xx is any number from 0, 6,7 and 8:

  • 170.73 – Tray 1 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 166.73 – Tray 2 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 167.73 – Tray 3 lift plate did not move to the correct…
  • 168.73 – Tray 4 lift plate did not move to the correct…

Note: The 2500 - sheet tray error code is similar to the Tray 3 lift plate error.


Possible Cause:

Should you get any of the errors listed above, it is possible that a piece of paper is stuck behind the relevant tray.
This usually happens after getting a 24y.xx paper jam, where y is the number of the tray.

If the paper is stuck in the feed area of the associated tray, opening that tray in an attempt to remove the jam might result in the machine pushing paper behind the tray.
This can happen even if the customer never sees the jammed piece of paper.

Partially fed sheet of paper that was pushed behind the tray when it was closed, resulting in a 1xx.10 error code.



Removing the Paper Trays

Remove the paper tray and inspect any jammed paper that may have been caught behind it. Make sure to unlock the tray lock (2) as shown in this image below:


Note: The tray lock for MX91x is black instead of green as shown in the above image.



Help prevent these initial 24y.xx paper jams by making sure paper is properly loaded into the tray and make sure paper guides are locked into the correct position.
If the problem is happening on the 2500 sheet tray, see Loading the 2500-Sheet Tray for additional instructions.

Effects of improper paper guide alignment

Paper guides... Leads to...


adjusted too tight against the paper stack...


Paper skew (rotational shift), potential misfeeds, jams and numerous errors.


adjusted too loose and not touching the paper stack...


Additional avoidance methods:

In addition to the steps that were provided above, the following procedures will help prevent it from becoming a 1xx.73 error code.

When partially removing the fed paper, especially those that are stuck in the feed area, DO NOT attempt to remove it by opening the standard trays first.
Remove the paper jam by following the procedure below:

  1. Open door C (Figure 1a and 1b) or D (Figure 1b and 1d) depending on the jam's location. Make sure that it does not hit any cable attached to the printer.


Figure 1a Figure 1b Figure 1c Figure 1d


  1. Remove the jammed paper from any of the following locations:
  • Figure 2a – Fuser Area
  • Figure 2b – Below the fuser area
  • Figure 2c & d – Duplex area
  • Figure 2e – Above the duplex area

Note: Make sure that all paper fragments are removed.

CAUTION—HOT SURFACE: The inside of the printer might be hot.
To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, allow the surface to cool before touching it.

Figure 1a Figure 1b Figure 1c Figure 1d Figure 1e


Removing the paper stuck behind the relevant tray (1xx.73 errors)

  1. Turn the printer Off and remove the tray insert where the paper got stuck behind the tray.
  2. Use a flashlight, look back into the printer and check for pieces of paper.
  3. Pull the paper that got stuck out of the printer.
  4. Power the printer back On and check if the issue persists.

Unable to remove the paper or clear the error?

The printer may require service if the following conditions are reoccurring:

  • Any of the service engine errors stated above occur frequently.
  • Paper pushed behind the tray cannot be retrieved.
  • The error code remains even after removing the stuck paper and performing a power-on reset (POR1) of the printer.   

1Power off, wait 10 seconds and power on.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)
  • Printer serial number


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