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Printer Hangs or 'Busy Printing' Message Appears Intermittently on the Control Panel

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Printer hangs; Waiting; Printing; Constant busy message; Not Responding; Will not finish jobs; Scanner; Copier; MFP freezes;


This document is applicable to the following Lexmark printer models:

  • Single function: C950
  • Multi function: X950, X952 and X954 MFP



When printing from one of the paper inputs (i.e., Tray 1, Tray 2, etc.), the printer displays a 'Printing or Busy State' message on its operator panel.




This can happen when one or more of the input trays are unable to pick the paper.



Suggested Remedy

  1. First, identify which input tray is causing the issue. If you cannot determine which paper trays are affected, please proceed with the next step below.
  2. Perform a print test with each input tray. Be sure that the paper in each tray is loaded properly. Once you determine the problem's source, please contact Lexmark Technical Support or a local authorized service provider to arrange a service call.

NOTE: If only one paper tray is affected, you should be able to use the remaining trays as normal.



Still Need Help?

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