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Lexmark PCL XL Driver 900.44, 900.57', or '900.00' Errors

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900.00 or 900.44 Rip software service error; P4.XL:1370 caught SIGSEGV; Windows 7 and Windows Vista clients cause error; PCL XL driver generates 900; Excel spreadsheet causes 900.57


900.00; 900.44


What you will see

Printing with the Lexmark PCL XL driver installed via Point and Print using Microsoft  Server 2003 "Print Server" with Windows Vista or Windows 7 clients results in one these errors.

  • 900.57
  • 900.43
  • 900.00 

Adobe PDF printing with the PostScript driver generates a 900.43 error. Click here for a related article



Other identifiers

    • The errors are intermittent in nature.
    • Crash summary report reveals something similar to "Process P4.XL:1370 caught SIGSEGV".
    • Windows Vista/7 clients to Microsoft Server 2008 print server configurations are not affected.
    • XP clients to Microsoft Server 2003 print server configurations are not affected.

    Click here for more information if you are unfamiliar with secondary crash codes.


Hardware check

Eliminate printer hardware as the cause for this error before proceeding to the suggested remedies below.

To do this, perform each action (1,2 and 3) below as necessary, and follow all additional recommendations.

Action and Recommendations Table

Action (1, 2 and 3) Action Result Then... (more recommendations or explanation)
And...(further actions)

Action 1

(Power the printer OFF and ON.)

Printer returns to READY Send the same .PDF file to the printer. If the 9XX.XX returns,clear the error once more, and then proceed to the Problem confirmation steps below.
9XX.XX returns
  • The suspect print file has not been released from the print queue.
  • Delete all pending print jobs out of print queue(s).
  • Pause all known print queue(s).
Repeat Action 1. If error remains, go to Action 2.

Action 2

(Disconnect ALL data cables and power the printer OFF and ON.)

Printer returns to READY Reconnect the data cable. Proceed to Action 3 only if the printer returns to READY. Otherwise, the problem file may once again be released to the printer. You will need to find the print queue holding and releasing this print job. 
9XX.XX returns It is likely a printer hardware issue. Contact Lexmark Technical Support.

Action 3

(Try to print a different file type, and then print the problem .PDF file.)

Prints other file types (.doc, .ps, .sxls, .prn, .csv, .txt...) If only .pdf files generate these errors, then clear the error one more time Perform the Problem confirmation steps below.
9XX.XX error returns



Problem confirmation: Temporary Remedy

Change the printer driver's TrueType font settings to Download as bitmaps and resend the print file.

To to this: 

Step Action
  1 Select File or equivalent from the application's top menu bar.
  2 Select Print or Print Setup.
  3 Select Properties.
  4 Select Other Options.
  5 Select More Options.
  6 Select Fonts.
  7 Place a checkmark next to Download as bitmaps.
  8 Click OK.

Does the file print without error?

  • If yes, then this is perhaps a driver or printer firmware issue. See the next Suggested Remedies below.


In this environment, there is a font mismatch between the client and server. This causes the Microsoft PCL XL Unidrv.dll to send corrupted PCL XL data to the printer.

See for more information.


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 Suggested Remedies

  1. Update printer firmware.
  2. Consider Direct IP printing from client workstations using Microsoft Standard TCP/IP printing or Lexmark's Enhanced TCP/IP printing.
  3. Consider a "Print directly to the printer" server change, which is located under the Properties > Advanced tab. You will need to confirm this setting change on individual clients. 
  4. Download, install, and use the PCL5e driver, PostScript Driver, or the Universal Print Driver (UPD).
  5. Continue to keep TrueType fonts set to Download as bitmaps.

UPD 1.6.2 PCL XL "Download as bitmaps" warning! A possible 900.57 error may result when printing Excel documents. The effect of downloading fonts as bitmap may generate invalid character codes characterized by strange looking characters in your Excel spreadsheet. It is best update printer firmware if this outcome is observed. 

NOTE: The UPD is available on via Drivers and Downloads. This may eliminate or reduce the re-occurrence of this issue. Administrator privileges may be required to create a new print queue and push drivers down to client PCs if using Microsoft's Point and Print.


Printer firmware



Printer or Series Location
  • E46x Series SFPs
  • T65x  Series SFPs
  • C73x Series SFPs
  • W85x Series SFPs
  • X46x Series MFPs
  • X65x Series MFPs
  • X73x Series MFPs
  • X86x Series MFPs
Base code (.P510 or higher) will resolve this issue.

Click here for the latest printer firmware update information.

Alternatively, check under Support & Downloads > Select Model > Look under Recommended Downloads.

  • X945--LC.BR.P127HAL2.fls
  • X544--LL.EL.P443HAL2.fls
  • C935--LC.JO.P085HAL2.fls
  • E260--LL.LBL.P435HAL2.fls
Contact Lexmark Technical Support


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 Recommended Printer Firmware Update Methods

  • EWS (Embedded Web Server) (.fls file)
  • Easy Firmware Update Utility if available (.exe file)
  • USB thumb drive flash (.fls file)
  • USB utility flash (.fls file)
  • FTP (.fls file)


  1. Open your web browser application.
  2. Enter http://printer_IP_address,where printer_IP_address is the TCP/IP address of the printer.
  3. Under Other Settings (header), click Update firmware.
  4. Click Browse. Locate the firmwarefile, select it, and then click Open.
  5. Click Submit. 



Click here for a related USB utility update article.

Click here for an equivalent article for a Macintosh environment.  



FTP update method

You must first get to command prompt, so click  Start > Run > type cmd or command, and click OK


Example only

HINT! Copy the .fls file to your root directory; e.g., c:, and then switch to your root directory by typing c:. This way you will not need to change (cd) directories to where the  file is located before performing the ftp procedure.


Action (from C:\... or file location)

  1 Type FTP printer's ip address and press ENTER.
  2 Press ENTER for User_name
  3 Type bin and press ENTER.
  4 Type put <filename>.fls or .pjl and press ENTER. Observe the opening of the port and the transfer of the file.
  5 Type bye to end the ftp session. Press ENTER.


Additional Explanation (Advanced)

  • The print processor introduced corrupted data into the EMF spool file on the Vista/Windows 7 client.
  • This EMF data from the Vista client. when played back on the XP/2003-based server, introduces excess font information into the RAW data stream.
  • Hence, this data causes an exception when processed by the printer firmware.



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Need help updating firmware? Click here for an extensive list of firmware update articles. 

Other 900 errors? Click here to perform your own preliminary diagnosis.


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Still Need Help?


If you require additional assistance, please see Contact Lexmark below. NOTE: When calling for phone support, you will need your model/machine type and serial number (SN).

For improved technical support, all callers should be near the computer and the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one of the devices.



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