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How to Update Printer Base Code from DOS and OS2

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How to update printer base code from DOS and OS2; OS/2 2.1; OS/2 Warp 3.0; OS/2 Warp 4.0


This document assumes the necessary firmware files have already been downloaded and expanded. A full list of products with a flashable base code is provided at the end of this page.
Updating printer base code with flash files
Flash memory is a type of ROM (read-only memory) that can be electronically erased and reprogrammed. The flash memory on your printer's controller card contains the firmware responsible for operating the printer's various internal systems. The procedures documented here reprogram the flash memory so that the old firmware is overwritten and replaced with the upgraded version.
When the printer's controller code has been reprogrammed, all of your printer's settings should be saved automatically. This does not always happen, however. Before starting the procedure, you should make sure to print an up-to-date Printer Menu Settings page for comparison with the state of the settings after the update.

While the code is being updated, be sure not to turn the printer off!

Parallel connected printers: 
 To update the code from a DOS workstation:

  1. Download the correct base code file to your computer.

  2. Unzip or extract the base code package.

  3. Determine which file corresponds to your printer. (View the README.TXT file included with the base code for assistance.)

  4. From a DOS prompt, switch to the directory containing the extracted code.

  5. To copy the file to the PC's parallel port, type copy /b lpt1 and press ENTER.
    For example: copy 542022.fls /b lpt1 (This example assumes the printer is connected to parallel port LPT1.)  The printer will post a BUSY condition on the operator panel along with the message DO NOT POWER OFF.

  6. Once the base code has been updated, close the command prompt by typing exit and pressing ENTER.

  7. Print a menu settings page to verify that the code update was successful.

Network connected printers: 
TCP/IP provides two methods of updating the firmware on Lexmark printers:

  • Using the MarkNet's built-in web applet

  • Sending a .PJL file via FTP to the print server.
    These methods are described in turn below.

Web Applet

  1. Open your web browser and enter the TCP/IP address of your print server in the Address field.

  2. Once the MarkNet web applet is loaded, click on the Print bar in the left frame of the browser.

  3. On the Print page, click the Browse button to locate the appropriate flash file.

  4. Then click the Print button. Once the print server has completed the flashing process, the browser window will refresh.

A PJL file can be sent via TCP/IP using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). For example, to upgrade a MarkNet Pro adapter to 1.10.17 code, where the 1_10_17.pjl flash file is located in the C:\inaflash directory, do the following:

  1. From a command prompt, type ftp ip_address (where <ip_address> is the IP address of the printer) and press ENTER.

  2. Type bin and press ENTER.

  3. Type put 542022.fls and press ENTER.

Products that support flashable base code
The following printers support flashable base code:

  • Lexmark C750,C910

  • Lexmark T520,T522,T620,T622

Obtaining base code
Lexmark only recommends updating printer base code when instructed to do so by a Lexmark technician. Printer base code can be obtained from Lexmark at NOTE: A keycode is required to download the appropriate base code revision for a printer. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain a keycode.

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