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How to Update Printer Base Code using a Macintosh

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How to update printer base code using a Macintosh; Macintosh OS 8.x; Macintosh OS 9.x; Macintosh OS X


The instructions below cover AppleTalk, TCP/IP and USB connections for printers that support these types of connections. It is assumed that the necessary firmware files have already been downloaded and expanded. A full list of products with a flashable base code is provided below.
Flash memory is a type of ROM (read-only memory) that can be electronically erased and reprogrammed. The procedures described here reprogram the flash memory on your printer's controller card that contains firmware responsible for operating printer's various internal systems. When the flash memory is reprogrammed, the old firmware is overwritten and replaced with the upgraded version.
Important! Lexmark only recommends updating printer base code when you have been instructed to do so by a Lexmark technician.
After the printer's controller code has been reprogrammed, all of your printer's previous settings should be saved; however, this is not always the case. Make sure to print an up-to-date Printer Menu Settings page and check its contents before starting the update procedure. Once the code has been updated, print another Menu Settings page and compare the paper settings as well as all the other values. Check that no settings were changed as a result of the update.
Important! While the code is being updated, be sure not to turn the printer off!

Macintosh Network Connections
Depending on your version of the Macintosh OS, there are several different ways to update base code on your printer. Instructions for Mac OS 8.x, Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X are provided below.
Mac OS 8.x - Mac OS 9.x:
Over an AppleTalk network, you must use Markvision for Macintosh.

  1. Open Markvision for Macintosh and select the desired print server.

  2. Next, click on the Print PS File icon on the left side of the toolbar.

  3. Browse to the flash file for the printer, select it, and then click Open. The download should start immediately.

  4. When you return to the main screen, the firmware should be updated. Check the Menu Settings page to verify that the code update was successful.

Mac OS X
The printer base code can be updated using FTP through the command window.

  1. Open a terminal command window.

  2. Set the command prompt to the directory where the base code file was expanded.

  3. At the terminal prompt, type FTP ip_address  (where ip_address is the printer's IP address). You are taken to the FTP prompt.

  4. When asked for a user name, press ENTER to log in as an anonymous user.

  5. Type bin to put the print server into binary receive mode

  6. Type put file_name (where is the name of the extracted file).

  7. After the upload is done, type quit to leave the FTP program.

  8. Close the terminal window.

  9. Check the Menu Settings page to verify that the code update was successful.

USB connected printers  
From a Macintosh computer running OS 8.6 or 9.x, the printer's base code can be updated using a USB utility called DropPrintUSB. To update the code:        

  1. Download the Binary.sit.hqx package from the Lexmark FTP site at

  2. In the Binary.sit.hqx  package, extract the DropPrintUSB utility.

  3. Download the correct base code file to your computer.

  4. Extract the base code package. The files should be extracted to the desktop.

  5. Determine which file corresponds to your printer.

  6. Open the DropPrintUSB utility.

  7. From the Please choose a USB printer box, select the appropriate printer and click OK.

  8. Click File and then Select File

  9. Browse to the previously expanded base code file.

  10. Click the SEND button. The file will begin copying. The printer will indicate a Busy condition on the operator panel, together with the message DO NOT POWER OFF.

  11. Once the base code update has been sent, close the DropPrintUSB utility.

  12. The base code should now be updated. Print a Menu Settings page to verify that the code update was successful.

Products supporting flashable base code
The following printers support flashable base code:

  • Lexmark C750,C910

  • Lexmark T520,T522,T620,T622

  • Lexmark W820

Printer base code can be found on the Lexmark firmware site. A key code is required to download the appropriate base code for a printer. Please contact our Technical Support center to obtain a key code.

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