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How to Check and Enable Services Utilized for Printer Communication with Inkjet Printers

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Checking lx??_device status; _device status; AIO printer services;



The Lexmark service lx??_device is a significant factor to consider when encountering issues with printing and finding the printer on the network. IMPORTANT! Lexmark services must be “Started” and set to “Automaticat all times.

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NOTE: Lx??_device service can only be seen on 2010 models and below. To verify, 2010 models and below have an 11-digit Serial Number (SN) found on a sticker located at the back of the printer. Serial numbers usually start with 000, followed by any letter, and then random numbers; e.g., 000A1234567.


What you will see

The printer will not respond despite the fact that you can confirm the printer communicates on the network.

You have also confirmed the following:

  • You can access the printer's web page.
  • The network printer object is present.
  • The printer is set as the default printer.
  • The printer is not paused.
  • The network printer port appears.
  • You have a green Wi-Fi light.
  • Your Firewall application has allowed or created exceptions for necessary Lexmark processes.



Verify that Lexmark services are running. Follow the steps below to check and enable the "lx??_device" service status.

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Click on Start > Run and type "services.msc". Then click OK.

Note: Alternatively, you may press the Win key + R on your keyboard to open the Run box.

On the Services Window, look for the Lexmark communication service "lx??_device" and see if it is started or not.

Note: "lx??_device": the question mark will be replaced by a character representing the model printer that you have. There will be only one entry unless you have multiple Lexmark printers installed.


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Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near a computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one or all of these devices.


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