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How to Update Printer Firmware with the "Printer File Loader" in Macintosh OS X

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Local USB connections to a Macintosh computer allow printer firmware updates via the Printer File Loader
The procedure in this article will be useful if you are sending files to the printer with any of the following file extensions:

  • .fls
  • .pjl
  • .flb
  • .flp
  • .flc
  • .flm
  • .flf
  • .fly
  • .fly
  • .fla
  • .PS
  • .NPA
  • .UCF

IMPORTANT! Other file extensions that are not listed here may also be acceptable.
This procedure should only be performed if Lexmark Technical Support has recommended a firmware update.  Recommendations will be made by a technician if a printer function or printing anomaly is known to be corrected by updating the printer firmware. 

Printer File Loader

The latest version of this firmware flash utility is available within most firmware packages downloaded via; however, you can also download it here.   

Other flash methods

The file types listed above can also be sent to the printer using the following methods:
  • Printer web pageClick here for an example.    
  • Parallel printer port (PC only) and FTP.  Click here for an example.
  •  USB thumb drive update, as introduced on several models in late 2008. Click here for instructions.   

Before you begin

Do the following before updating printer or MFP firmware:
  • Download the firmware file as instructed by Lexmark Technical Support.  This firmware file will have a .zip file extension.
  • Expand the firmware file to your desktop so that it is easy to locate. You can download StuffIt Expander, a free application that expands .zip files, for this purpose.   
  • Power the printer off and then back on to clear any error messages and bring the printer back to READY.
  • Verify your USB connection to the printer, and make sure the printer is recognized by the USB host controller.   
    IMPORTANT!  The driver must be installed before Printer File Loader will recognize the printer. 

Procedure:  Firmware update with Printer File Loader

    1. Open the Printer File Loader.
    2. Next to Printer, confirm that the correct printer is listed. If not, click on ( ) to select your printer from the list. 
      NOTE:  See below for instructions on selecting the right printer if necessary.  
    3. Click on the parent firmware file directory.
    4. Click on the firmware filename to highlight it.
    5. Click Send.
    6. Observe the progress bar to completion.
    7. Observe the printer LCD or LEDs for the flash status.  A specific message will appear on the LCD or a series of periodic LED light sequences will be seen. 
    8. Upon completion, the printer should return to Ready.  
      Click here for an illustration. 

Correct printer selection and installation is necessary

Before you begin
This procedure requires that the .ppd (PostScript printer description file) be installed on your machine.  Visit to download and install the self extracting .dmg driver package.

  1. Click OK if you see a Could not connect message when you open the application. 

  2. Click on .

  3. Select Manage Printers from the drop-down list.  

  4. Highlight the correct printer.

  5. Next to Print Using, click on

  6. Click on Select a driver to use from the drop-down list.

  7. Use the slide-bar button to locate and select your printer.

  8. Click Add

Click here for an illustration.

Contacting Lexmark

If you require additional assistance with this procedure, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need the machine/model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task on one or both of these devices.

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