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How to Update the Firmware on an a N4000e Print Server via its Web Server

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How to update the firmware on an N4000e Print Server via its web server; Firmware; Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)


This document assumes the firmware revision has already been downloaded and expanded on the local hard drive.  The MarkNet N4000e firmware has a file extension of .flz. To obtain this, click here and select the drivers & downloads link.
Flash memory
Flash memory is a type of ROM (read-only memory) that can be electronically erased and reprogrammed. The flash memory in the network adapter contains the firmware that operates it. This firmware communicates with the network, the printer, and the network utility.  The flash memory on the network adapter is reprogrammed when the firmware is updated. The update procedure overwrites old firmware and replaces it with the upgraded version. NOTE:  All of the network adapter's settings should be saved automatically after reprogramming. However, since this does not always happen, be sure to have a network settings page printed before starting the update. You can compare the contents of this page with the network settings that prints after the firmware has been updated.
Updating the print server firmware:
CAUTION: While the code is being updated, be sure not to turn off the adapter!

Performing the update via Windows
From most Windows operating systems and OS/2,  MarkVision Classic and MarkVision Professional can be used to update the print server firmware. Firmware can also be sent from Windows NT, 2000 and XP using a TFTP session.  For the MarkNet S series, N series, Pro series, and X series adapters, the internal web interface is another option for updating firmware.  Some adapters also accept PJL files, which can be sent via FTP or over a parallel port.

  • This document outlines MarkVision update procedures.

  • This document provides information on the TFTP procedures.

Performing the update via the Web applet
Do the following:

  1. Open your web browser and enter the print server's TCP/IP address in the Address field (see example below).

  2. Select Links & Index from the menu in the left frame. 
  3. Go to the bottom of the Links & Index page and select Update Print Server Firmware.


  4. Once the Update Print Server Firmware page loads, use the Browse button to locate the appropriate flash file.

  5.  When the file has been located, click the Flash button.  Once the print server has completed the flashing process, the browser's window will refresh.

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