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How to Update a Network Adapter Using TFTP

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How to update Print Server firmware using TFTP; Integrated port Tx2x; Microsoft Windows NT 3.5; Microsoft Windows NT 3.51; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT4 server; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows NT, Terminal Server; Microsoft Windows XP


TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is generally the easiest way to update adapter firmware, although it is only supported on certain operating systems and is a function of TCP/IP.

  1. Download the current firmware revision for your adapter from our online Drivers & Downloads page:

    1. Click here and select Drivers & Downloads.  
    2. Select Network Adapters from the list of products and choose your print server from the list.

    3. Click on Firmware and download the latest firmware file for your adapter.

  2. Extract the downloaded file into a temporary directory.
  3. Hold all queues which are directed to the adapter. Note: TFTP syntax is case-sensitive.

    • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003:
      At the command prompt, type the following:
      tftp -i PUT c: flash filename /dev/flash
      where is the IP address assigned to the Lexmark adapter and c:inaflash filename is replaced with the full path to the extracted firmware file, including the file name. Note: If the command prompt is initiated from the directory that holds the extracted firmware file, only the filename is needed, not the location. For example: tftp -i PUT filename /dev/flash when initiated from the c: lash directory.
      You will receive a response like this: Transfer successful: 258840 bytes in 13 seconds, 19910 bytes/s.

    • OS/2:

      1. At the command prompt type the following:

        where is the IP address assigned to the Lexmark adapter.

      2. Press ENTER.

      3. Type bin and press ENTER.

      4. Type put and press ENTER.

      5. Type c: lash ilename /dev/flash, substituting the correct path to the extracted firmware upgrade file and the file name.
        You will receive a response like this: Sent 258840 bytes in 10.8 seconds

Once the printer returns to a ready state or resets power, the update is complete. An external network adapter will return to the normal "idle" sequence of lights.

Warning! Powering the printer off during this procedure can damage the network adapter!  In the case of an internal adapter, the printer will respond by displaying a 79:1 Do Not Power Off warning. An external adapter will display a sequence of flashing lights.

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