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How to update Print Server firmware using MarkVision Professional

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How to update Print Server firmware using MarkVision Professional; MarkVision Professional


Markvision Professional (MVP) can be used to update firmware either through the web client or desktop applet. There are two methods of updating firmware, both of which can update either single or multiple adapters at once. The instructions are provided here. You can also choose from multiple adapter families to update (MarkNet S, MarkNet N, MarkNet X, and so on).

Updating print server firmware via MVPDownload, extract, and add the firmware files to the c:Program FilesPrintMarkVision/ServerPrintServerUpdates directory on the NT/2000 MVP server. (If you do not have a directory called ?PrintServerUpdates?, you can create this directory yourself. You can also add firmware files from a remote location using the desktop version of the MVP application.)

  • In the pull-down menu, select Actions and then select Download Firmware (Print Servers).
  • Select New File in the lower right corner.
    Note: The option to add firmware files remotely is only available in the desktop version of MVP and not through the web applet.
  • Open up MarkVision using either the desktop application or web applet and select the Actions pull-down menu.
  • Select the Download Firmware (Print Servers) option.
  • Select the existing list of printers, or click the Quick Find tab on the left side of MVP. The appropriate firmware file will appear as selectable options next to the network devices that you have selected to update.
  • Select the appropriate firmware for each device on your list and then click Start in the lower right corner. Progress will be reported in the form of a Status and Progress bar at the top of this screen.
    Updating print server firmware via MVP's scheduling option

    1. To schedule a firmware update event, select the Actions pull-down menu from MVP and then select Scheduling. A calendar will appear, giving you the choice to add a task (bottom right corner).
    2. Click Next.
    3. Then select the Download Firmware (Print Servers) option.
    4. In the upper part of the next screen, select the frequency of the firmware update: once, daily, weekly, or monthly. (Other options will appear based on the selection made, such as the day of the week or the time of the day for the scheduled event.)
    5. On the left side of the scheduler screen, you have the choice of selecting from folders or printers you have already discovered, or performing a quick find of the printer you want to update.
    6. Select the devices that you want to update and then press the > button to the right of your printer.
    7. Each adapter type selected will have an option to choose the preferred firmware file. Once the firmware revision has been specified for each adapter, select the OK button in the lower right side of your scheduling screen.

    After the specific event has been set up, the calendar will reappear and the named task will be displayed on the calendar for the date(s) selected. If you choose to remove any of these tasks later, select the task title and then select the Remove button in the bottom right corner of your Calendar screen.

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