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How to Enable/Disable the PPDS Emulation on a Laser Printer

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Cannot find the PPDS emulation in the Printer Language menu


How to enable/disable the printer PPDS emulation; How to turn PPDS on/off; Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS)


To be able to print using the PPDS emulation, the PPDS emulation must first be enabled on the printer. This option is found in the Configuration Menu. To turn PPDS on or off:

  1. Switch off the printer.
  2. With the printer still turned off, press and hold down both the Select and the Return buttons. While keeping both buttons held down, switch on the printer. Wait until the panel displays Performing Self Test, then release the buttons.
  3. Keep pressing the Menu> button until you see PPDS Emulation, then press the Select button.
  4. Press the Menu> button again to toggle between Activate and Deactivate on the display. Press Select when the choice you want is highlighted. This will save the new setting. The panel should say SAVED, followed by Activating PPDS or Deactivating PPDS.
  5. Press the Menu> button until Exit Config Menu appears on the display panel.  Then press Select to return to Ready mode.

NOTE: If you have an Optra S or an Optra K, these instructions will not apply.  Please click here for the relevant instructions.

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