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End of Service Life 2019 - 2021 Marketing Bulletin (English)


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10/15/20 Eigenschaften  


Affected Products:

Single-Function (SFP): C540, C543, C544, C546, E260, E360, E460, EG460, ES460, T640, T642, T644, T650, T652, T654, T656, T652, C734, C736, C935

Multifunction (MFP): X644, X646, X651, X652, X654, X656, X658, XS651, XS652, XS654, XS658, X734, X736, X738, X463, X464, X466, XS463, XS464, XS466, X264, X363, X364, XS364, X543, X544, X546, X548, XS544, XS548, X940, X945, XC940, XC945, W840, W850, WS850

Option: 4600 option, X4600 option, XL option



This document provides notification of Lexmark’s plans to discontinue services on selected products that are no longer manufactured or marketed for the period 2019 through 2021.

Providing a 3-year outlook is intended to ensure ample time for customers and Lexmark personnel to anticipate and prepare for discontinuance of services on
affected products, including maintenance services, spare parts, service training, and call support.

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